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Get a Truman’s Starter Kit and tackle virtually all of your home’s hard surfaces with just 4 non-toxic spray cleaners. How the heck does the Refill Plan work? We're glad you asked.

A Fresh Start
Fall in love with your Truman’s Starter Kit for the first 30 days...assuming it’s not love at first wipe.

Refills And Chill
Each cleaner’s $15 Refill Kit includes 4 cartridges ($3.75 each), providing 6 months of cleaning euphoria for $60. If you don't customize your plan, these are automatically shipped 30 days after you order a Starter Kit. 

We’re Not The Boss Of You
You can remove cleaners from your Refill Plan any time, or pause/skip a delivery. Not a fan of automatic plans? Cancel and order from our refill store, available only to customers who have a Starter Kit. Yeah, you’re that special.



Works on mirrors, windows, computer and television screens, phones and tablets.



Works on appliances, cabinets, countertops (granite, laminate, sealed marble, Corian, Formica), stovetops, range hoods, walls, sinks, stainless steel and grills.



Works on toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, tile (glazed, ceramic, porcelain), grout, shower doors and curtains, and bathroom fixtures.



Works on flooring surfaces such as hardwood, bamboo, marble, ceramic tile, laminate, stone, linoleum, concrete and quarry tile.

Free Shipping, Always

Because we like you.

30-Day Trial

Like we need 30 days to make you love us.

Cancel or Pause Anytime

Or just clean more, ya filthy animal.


Truman's refill cartridges may be smaller than a hot dog, but they pack some serious cleaning power. Check out our short video to see how they work.

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It's a dirty business

The formula was simple. Mix chemicals with water, trendy scents and bright dye in a single-use plastic bottle. Then mark it up, ship it to a retailer and drop it on the shelf next to dozens of its closest friends. A boon for Big Cleaning, a disservice to the customer and the planet. 

Enter Truman’s, a scrappy-as-hell company obsessed with cleaning up the mess.

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David K.
United States


This product is great for anyone who gets sick from harsh chemical smell Like I do.

Lauren C.
United States

Just lovely!

All of the products have the cleaning power of the stifling cleaners, without the stifling part. The smell is almost non-existent really. The shower and floor cleaners are amazing! Hardly any effort has to be put forth when cleaning stuck on messes.

Patricia L.
United States

Another One Fights the Dust!

I just tried out my shipment of Truman’s cleaning products and I’m in awe. I didn’t imagine that such a great idea for eliminating plastics in landfills, expensive packaging and wasteful shipping of sooo many cleaning bottles could actually CLEAN so well. I was wrong. The window cleaner. Is 100% streak-free cleaning. The floor cleaner made my floors shine and the ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ made everything sparkle while eliminating the need for three products that I normally use for the same job. I’m amazed and feel so good about becoming a Truman’s subscriber. I’m telling ALL of my friends!!!

Julie M.
United States

Cleaner Cleaners That Clean Cleanly.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. Let me get the negatives out of the way first. And they are quite minor. While I like the results of the kitchen cleaner, I'm not cray cray about the smell. Kinda of musky. But, it dissipates quickly. The next shows my age: while I'm impressed with the reduction of packaging and the dependency on intuitiveness to use them straight out of the box, I certainly could use a small, but recyclable, card that reminds me of the surfaces that each cleaner SHOULDN'T be used on. Unsealed marble? Chrome? I can't keep it all straight. But, please consider using large print. Remember: age, baby. So, the positives are quite positive. The cleaners clean. And clean cleanly. No heavy smell. No residue. No polishing needed after you wipe. Good for you on that. I would have never thought that a glass cleaner that didn't have alcohol and/or ammonia as a major ingredient would be as effective as this is. The packaging with the concentrate is over-the-top fabulous! Nothing less than cutting edge. I hope that you all have patented this because this will change the world. And not only with cleaners. Think pitchers of iced tea. Spray starch. Facial toners. Fabric Fresheners. The world is your oyster. I wouldn't put out an oyster concentrate; but hey, that's just me. Knock yourself out.

Nik H.
United States

Amazing Cleaner

I have previously used a number of cleaners. Truman's really is the best cleaner I've used. It makes it more fun that it comes in the mail and I don't feel as if I'm wasting all the plastic. Keep it up!

Frequently Asked Questions

We designed Truman's patented refill cartridges specifically to fit the bottles included in each Starter Kit. You’ll get to try all 4 of Truman’s non-toxic home cleaners risk-free for 30 days. Cancel anytime in the first 30 days, or remove any of the individual cleaners from your ongoing subscription if you don’t want them.

After ordering your Starter Kit, you'll receive a Refill Kit after 30 days that includes 4 refill cartridges for each cleaner. We’ll send another Refill Kit every 6 months after that, til’ death do us part. Overachievers can order more refills anytime on our store or by text: 415-TRUMANS (878-6267). You can also pause your subscription if you’re a slob.

You can clean with Truman’s on virtually every hard surface not harmed by water. Check out our full list of surface applications below.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink
- Appliance Interiors and Exteriors, including Stainless Steel
- Stovetops
- Cabinets
- Countertops (Corian, Formica, Granite, Laminate, Sealed Marble)
- Grills, Barbecues and Patio Furniture
- Range Hoods
- Garbage Cans
- Walls
- Sinks and Washbasins (of course!)

The Glass Is Always Cleaner
- Windows (including those with tint)
- Mirrors
- Electronics Screens (just spray onto a cloth instead of directly on the surface)
- Lucite/plexiglass

More Shower to You
- Tile (glazed, ceramic, porcelain)
- Shower Walls
- Grout
- Bathroom Fixtures
- Sinks
- Shower Curtains and Doors
- Toilets and Tubs
- NOT for use on natural stone or marble

Floors Truly
- Hardwood Flooring
- Ceramic Tile
- Sealed Wood
- Bamboo Flooring
- Concrete
- Laminate Flooring
- Linoleum Flooring
- Stone
- Quarry Tile
- Marble
- Terrazzo

Truman’s products should not be used on chrome, sealed fiberglass, glazed ceramic, vinyl or plastic.

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