Works on mirrors, windows, computer and television screens, phones and tablets.



Works on appliances, cabinets, countertops (granite, laminate, sealed marble, Corian, Formica), stovetops, range hoods, walls, sinks, stainless steel and grills.



Works on toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, tile (glazed, ceramic, porcelain), grout, shower doors and curtains, and bathroom fixtures.



Works on flooring surfaces such as hardwood, bamboo, marble, ceramic tile, laminate, stone, linoleum, concrete and quarry tile.

Home Care Membership Bundle

Consider this the one stop-shop for all your cleaning needs. Well, one-stop for dishes, laundry and toilet bowls. You still have to clean yourself. 

What comes with it? We’re glad we asked. 

  • 30 Get a Load of This laundry bars ($9.50)  
  • 30 Your Dish Is My Command dishwasher bars ($9.50) 
  • 6 Reporting for Doodie toilet bars ($6)
  • Truman’s Membership ($1/month beginning 30 days from purchase) 

Pick your product delivery schedule. Don’t worry, you can cancel, reschedule or unbundle anytime.

    • Refills are $4.50 apiece ($18) + $1 per bottle ($4)
    • Ships for $5 (refills ship free)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Refills are $4.50 apiece ($18) + $1 per bottle ($4)
    • Ships for $5 (refills ship free)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Refills are $4.50 apiece ($18) + $1 per bottle ($4)
    • Ships for $5 (refills ship free)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    • Refills are $4.50 apiece ($18) + $1 per bottle ($4)
    • Ships for $5 (refills ship free)
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed


    When you're ready for more Truman's, it's time for a Refill Kit. Each cleaner has its own Refill Kit containing 4 cartridges. Why do we ship in 4-packs? It reduces packaging and fuel waste, and keeps costs low for you. It's a win-win. Unless you hate Planet Earth and saving money. Then it's a lose-lose.

    Check out our short video to see how the cartridges work inside Truman's bottles.

    watch the video

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With a Starter Kit, you’ll get to try all 4 of Truman’s non-toxic home cleaners risk-free for 45 days. You can order with a Refill Plan and save, or get a standalone Starter Kit and order from our refill store as needed. Simply log in after ordering your Starter Kit, and you can personalize your plan or access the refill store.

    After ordering your Starter Kit with a Refill Plan, you'll receive Refill Kits after 45 days that includes 4 refill cartridges for each cleaner. We’ll send Refill Kits every 6 months after that, til’ death do us part. (Or, you know, until you log in and personalize your delivery schedule.) Overachievers can order more refills anytime on our store or by text: 415-TRUMANS (878-6267). You can also pause your subscription if you’re a slob.

    You can clean with Truman’s on virtually every hard surface not harmed by water. Check out our full list of surface applications below.

    Everything and the Kitchen Sink
    - Appliance Interiors and Exteriors, including Stainless Steel
    - Stovetops
    - Cabinets
    - Countertops (Corian, Formica, Granite, Laminate, Sealed Marble, Quartz)
    - Grills, Barbecues and Patio Furniture
    - Range Hoods
    - Garbage Cans
    - Walls
    - Sinks and Washbasins (of course!)

    The Glass Is Always Cleaner
    - Windows (including those with tint)
    - Mirrors
    - Electronics Screens (just spray onto a cloth instead of directly on the surface)
    - Lucite/plexiglass

    More Shower to You
    - Tile (glazed, ceramic, porcelain)
    - Shower Walls
    - Grout
    - Bathroom Fixtures
    - Sinks
    - Shower Curtains and Doors
    - Toilets and Tubs
    - NOT for use on natural stone or marble

    Floors Truly
    - Hardwood Flooring
    - Ceramic Tile
    - Sealed Wood
    - Bamboo Flooring
    - Concrete
    - Laminate Flooring
    - Linoleum Flooring
    - Stone
    - Quarry Tile
    - Marble
    - Terrazzo

    Truman’s products should not be used on glazed ceramic or plastic.

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