If Only World Domination Could Be Boxed Up

Traditional cleaning brands ship billions of pounds of single-use plastic bottles annually, all holding a cleaning solution that’s 98% water. It’s heavy, expensive to ship and doesn’t make sense on any level. So we “concentrated” and found a better solution — you add the water — and, in doing so, we slashed wasteful packaging.

All Truman’s packaging:

  • Is simple to open
  • 100% recyclable (and easy to recycle at that)
  • Includes instructions printed directly on the cardboard itself, so there are never extra manuals
  • Uses the cardboard as the cushioning so forget packing peanuts or air cushions.

Advances in packaging for our Home Care products — Get a Load of This, Reporting for Doodie and Your Dish Is My Command — include the following:

  • 100% post-consumer recycled corrugate
  • 100% compostable
  • Seeking certification by the Forest Stewardship Council, which sets standards for responsible forest management.
  • Virtual elimination of dead space.

Advances for our Surface Care Starter Kit — Everything and the Kitchen Sink, Floors Truly, More Shower to You and The Glass Is Always Cleaner — include the following:

  • 30-40% post-consumer recycled corrugate
  • Die-cut holes contain cartridges to eliminate need for extra packaging

At its core, all Truman’s packaging demonstrates that our commitment to green cleaning goes far beyond cleaning itself to all elements of the customer experience. Our work has been recognized with the following industry-leading honors:

Dow Packaging Innovation Awards — 2019 Diamond Finalist, 2019 e-Commerce Honorable Mention

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Award — 2019 Green/Sustainable Business Finalist

Graphic Design USA Package Design Awards — 2019 Winner

Graphic Design USA Package Design Awards — 2019 Winner