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Try all 4 of Truman’s non-toxic spray cleaners for 45 days risk-free. We'll even ship them for free, just because we like you.

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Once you have a Starter Kit, get refills that work with your Truman’s bottles. We promise it won’t be as awkward as your first time.

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It’s that simple! You can set an automatic Refill Plan and save, or order a-la-carte as needed. We trust your judgment (with cleaning only). 

When did cleaning become so complicated?

We didn’t understand why the cleaning aisle at our local store had more than 50 unique surface cleaners, colors and scents. Or why kitchen cleaner couldn't be used on certain countertops or stainless steel appliances. With labels that read like prescription drug ads, cleaning products needed to be simplified.

That's why we make 4 non-toxic spray cleaners which work safely and effectively on virtually every hard surface: The Glass Is Always CleanerEverything and the Kitchen SinkFloors Truly and More Shower to You

Try a starter kit

Good Cleans Come in Small Packages

Combine your own water with Truman’s refill cartridges and re-use the bottle time and time again.

  • Saves space: A DECADE’S worth of Truman’s refills fit in a kitchen drawer. We wouldn't recommend that, but it sure beats the mess under your sink.
  • Saves plastic: Truman's refills significantly reduce plastic waste, and they’re recyclable. That's a lot less junk in the trunk.
  • Saves money: Each Truman's refill is only $3.75, and bottles and shipping are always free for subscribers.

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Our Story

Cleaning up cleaning

  • Big Cleaning's Plastic Problem

    Since production of plastic took off in the 1950s — when Life magazine extolled a future of “Throwaway Living” — the planet has accumulated 9.2 billion tons of plastic. That’s about 1.3 tons for every man, woman and child on Earth. Less than a fifth of all plastic gets recycled globally. In the U.S., it’s less than 10 percent. And Big Cleaning is responsible for the production of billions of single-use plastic bottles every year.

    Truman's refill cartridges allow you to use your bottle time and time again. In fact, we can save billions of pounds of water from being shipped and hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic being used if just 5% of Americans choose Truman's over the traditional cleaning brands. That's why Fast Company has honored us as a World Changing Idea. 

Everybody's talking about us! Well, not everybody. But some people. Some people are definitely talking about us!


Before I found Truman's, my life had little to no meaning. Now it has an acceptable amount of meaning. Thanks, Truman's! 

Depressed and Dirty

I used to consider myself an average guy, and then I figured out it was because I was using average cleaners. No more, thanks to Truman's!

Slightly Above Average

I spend my days fighting crime and my nights fighting grime. Dirt doesn't stand a chance with Truman's in my holster. 

Officer Clean

I make a lot of messes, so it's good to have a fixer, er, cleaner I can rely on. The orange bottle is my favorite. 

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