Cleaning was cluttered.

When did cleaning get so complicated, and who is behind the confusion on aisle 9? It really shouldn’t take a chemistry degree to figure out which cleaner to use on which surface. So we created Truman’s.

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    How many different cleaners we found on the shelf of our local grocery store.

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    The number of scents available, including lemon verbena, mango mandarin burst and sunshine meadow.

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    Types of unique surface cleaners. Safe on glass — but only a specific kind of glass.

The Truman's Story

We started Truman's because, while we’re somewhat obsessed with cleaning, we’re totally obsessed with reducing waste and clutter. Nowhere could we have a bigger impact than in the overcrowded world of home cleaning products, where so many specialized cleaners in plastic bottles clamor for our dollars with “fresh new scents” and trendy colors. Nobody needs a gazillion cleaning products with harsh chemicals cluttering their cabinets, and our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties. That's why we offer non-toxic products that reduce shipping and plastic waste while effectively cleaning your clothes, dishes and home surfaces. It's a concept so novel that Fast Company has honored Truman's as a World Changing Idea.

So that's Truman's. Cleaning glass and taking names.

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Our Clean Calling

We don’t really have a calling to clean. But we did see a lot of messes in the industry that we could tackle.

  • Cleaner, meet customer.Big Cleaning brands excel at serving long as that customer is a massive supercenter. We love engaging with the actual users of our product here on the website, through social media and via text messaging. (Don’t believe us - hit the chat icon in the corner of the site and lay your best cleaning pun on us.) It’s so important to us, every single Truman’s employee starts in customer service regardless of experience level and background.
  • Break the (supply) chain.We produce our formulas in the US and focus on simple supply chains. We elaborate on this long-winded topic here
  • Clean things come in small packages.We believe in creating one really good product for every cleaning application. We cut waste in product and packaging design whenever possible, so we’re neat-freaks in a way, even if our sinks and closets are a mess.
  • Good clean pun.Big Cleaning brands are great at being boring, but isn’t cleaning boring enough? We’ll use our expertise in dad humor and cheesy puns to distract you from the dreadfulness of chores.

A cleaning subscription? Really??

It’s not an exaggeration to say there’s a subscription for everything today — even cars! So why would you want a subscription for cleaning products? You wouldn’t. Well, not traditional cleaning products.

Shipping ready-to-use spray cleaners is expensive and taxing on the environment. Think about it — a pallet of ready-to-use bottles (~750) weighs more than 15 times as much as the same number of refill cartridges...and features a lot more plastic! Truman's Starter Kit gives you a 45-day trial for just $15 and free shipping. A standard refill plan (4 cartridges per cleaner type every 6 months) activates after the trial, and you can pause or supplement based on your cleaning habits.