Upstart Brand Aims to Clean up the Mess of Home Cleaning Products

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – Feb. 27, 2019 –

In a bid to upend the nearly $10 billion spray cleaner market, Truman's launched today a direct-to-consumer cleaning subscription with just four cleaners covering the entire home. The company brings stark simplicity to a category cluttered with specialized surface cleaners and hundreds of scents and colors. Beyond convenience and simplicity, Truman's boasts today’s greenest cleaners by offering patented refill cartridges that eliminate single-use plastic bottles.

Cleaning should be green: Truman’s uses a patented concentrate and cartridge system. All you do is fill your bottle with water and pop in a cartridge. When the bottle’s empty, admire your cleanliness and simply refill the same bottle with water and a new cartridge. Each cartridge is fully recyclable and uses approximately 96 percent less plastic than a typical cleaning product.

Cleaning should be simple: Big household cleaning companies each offer dozens of products … for just your bathroom. With endless scents and warning labels that read like prescription drug ads, cleaning products needed to be simplified. That’s why Truman’s offers just four cleaners — all non-toxic — that clean virtually all hard surfaces: Everything and the Kitchen Sink, Floors Truly, More Shower to You and The Glass Is Always Cleaner.

Cleaning should be convenient and cost less: Truman’s ships directly to your home, so there’s no store mark-up. Truman’s $15 Starter Kits include all four cleaners and ship free. Each cleaner’s Refill Kit costs $15, ships free every six months and provides customers with four refill cartridges. Customers can order more refills or pause shipments to match their cleaning habits. (No judging here no matter whether you’re OCD or love those thick layers of dust.)

Because Truman’s ships cleaners directly to customers, each bottle is a functional work of art. They don’t need cluttered labels or obscenely bright colors to stand out on store shelves. And the refill cartridges take up so little space that you’ll free up an entire closet shelf. (Don’t believe us? An entire decade’s worth of refills fits in a single kitchen drawer.)

Truman’s was co-founded by Jon Bostock and Alex Reed, who have decades of experience with companies including General Electric and direct-to-consumer fan maker Big Ass Fans. After guiding Big Ass Fans to a $500 million sale in late 2017, the pair sought a new challenge.

“Alex and I are both neat-freaks, and we knew the home cleaning industry needed real change,” Bostock said. “It’s dominated by a few global companies that add new cleaners you don’t need just to pad profits. Then they compete for shelf space at stores, which all get their share of the price.”

Bostock and Reed knew the cleaning industry needed innovation. “So we set about creating a company that will upend the industry with conveniently delivered, easy-to-use products that are so much better for the planet.”

Within a short time period prior to launch, more than 10,000 people signed up to become the first to fundamentally change how they clean.

Truman’s guarantees its products are ethically tested and meet stringent safety criteria. All four cleaners are available now at and ship anywhere in the continental United States for free.