The award for Worst Film goes to...your dishwasher!

If you’ve ever experienced a white film appearing on your plates or glasses, just know that it probably wasn’t a ghost playing a trick on you. But we can’t rule anything out.

Fortunately, we have narrowed down the culprit of this misdemeanor grime to a few of the usual suspects.

A dirty dishwasher
You may be surprised to know that even a clean machine gets dirty from time to time, so give your dishwasher a bath every month or two for best results. We’re not gonna bore you with the details, but here’s a handy guideline for giving your beloved appliance some TLC:

Water making things hard
Dish detergents that are phosphate free (including Your Dish Is My Command) don’t always get along with hard water. Here are a few steps that can do the trick if your water is harder than a woodpecker’s lips:

1) Clean the machine! (Apologies if we sound like a broken record, but hard water deposits can build up over time, making the issue worse.)

2) Add a rinse aid. Pretty easy, huh?

3) An acidic additive like Lemi-Shine can do the trick

Something is standing in the way of your cleanliness
Sometimes the water just can’t quite get all the way to the detergent. Try maintaining some distance between the chamber and any plates or bowls. The downside? You may have to fight through the guilt while you hand wash that giant, buttery popcorn bowl.

If you’ve ruled out any of these possibilities and you’re still not seeing the results you want, well, there’s always our ghost theory. Besides, what can be scarier than a dishwasher full of dirty plates and glasses? Oh yeah, that giant pile of dirty laundry sitting in the hamper.