Why Cleaning? The Founders Get Down to the Nitty Gritty

With store aisles crammed full of cleaning products, does the world really need a whole ’nother line of them? You bet  it’s precisely because of all those other products that the world needs Truman’s.

We started the company because, while we’re somewhat obsessed with cleaning, we’re totally obsessed with reducing waste and clutter. In our view, nowhere could we have a bigger impact than in the overcrowded world of home cleaning products, where so many specialized cleaners in plastic bottles clamor for our dollars with “fresh new scents” and trendy colors. To us, it all made no sense, and we were pretty sure other people felt the same way. Nobody needs a gazillion cleaning products with harsh chemicals cluttering their cabinets, and our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties.

We already knew that businesses don’t buy bottle after bottle of cleaning products; they use the same bottle over and over again, with concentrated refills and tap water. If it works for businesses, why shouldn’t it work for everyone? We sought out a leading chemical products company with the mission of simplifying the way our living spaces get cleaned.

From the start, we didn’t want to add to the crush of products already on store shelves  that would make absolutely no sense. We decided to sell Truman’s directly to you, because not only does it help keep costs down  no shelf rental fees  but even more important, it allows us to get constant feedback from customers and ensure we’re meeting or, hopefully, exceeding expectations. So please, let us hear from you!

We decided to launch Truman’s because we believe in the products. Ultimately, we’re dads first, and we need to feel proud to tell our kids what we do every day. Truman’s cleaners may not be able to change the world on their own, but they can nudge it in the right direction. And because they’re safe enough for anyone to use, you can feel comfortable handing your kids a bottle of Truman’s and putting them to work!

Happy cleaning!

Jon and Alex, Truman's Co-Founders