Waste Management: Your Toilet and You

You may think of the toilet as your personal waste-removal system, but our number twos actually create more waste than we know. Thankfully, Truman’s took some bathroom time to create a list of ways to poop more efficiently than ever before.

Don’t let the yellow mellow
While leaving your pee in the bowl can reduce water waste, it’ll also make your bathroom stink. Instead, consider a toilet that has two flush settings — one for #1, two for poo. You’ll save on the water you don’t need for those casual flushes, more than compensating for those two-flushers that terrorize your family.

Wipe right for Truman’s
Wiping the right way means choosing a more sustainable TP option. Tree-free toilet paper, like those sourced from fast-renewing bamboo, is a much cleaner alternative to the standard ply. Now if only we could agree on which direction the toilet paper should be pulled. (It’s obviously over, you monsters.)

Or skip wiping altogether
Before you take your tighty-whities to Skidmark City, hear us out. Bidets, which never really gained popularity in the US, are starting to make some waves. Many popular brands sell attachments that fit right onto your current seat, turning your boring toilet into a luxury hydrospa. Do your planet (and your anus) a favor and switch to the bidet.

Accessorize before you terrorize
Toilet accessories such as cleaning brushes and bowl detergent are typically made in plastic. Look for zero plastic options such as a bamboo toilet brush or, ya know, Truman’s Reporting for Doodie. You’ve cleaned your browneye, now clean your throne and your planet.

Who knew that your bowel movements could spark an even bigger movement? And Team Truman’s has your back….just not during bathroom breaks.