Truman's Ultimate(ly a Little Weird) 2020 Gift Guide

2020 has been a little weird. Why not keep with the theme and gift something unexpected (and environmentally positive) this year!

Because (Your ass) Is Worth It: A bidet is the gift that keeps on giving (and cleaning). Cut down on the waste of TP while squirting your anus into hygienic bliss. Hello Tushy makes our favorite.

Speaking of Waste: Easily turn your waste into fertilizer. No, not that waste. Think more like food and other compostable waste with this home compost bin.

More Leftovers, Less Guilt: Keep the holiday food fest going strong without the guilt of plastic ziplock bags to save leftovers. Infinitely reusable, silicone bags are the way to go. These from Stasher Bag are very popular.

Travel Trash: A useful if not slightly passive aggressive gift for your messy motorer, a car trash can helps keep the interior uncluttered and prevents trash from spilling outside. Get this rugged one so you never have to replace it.

Oil Vey! Check out these non-aerosol oil dispensing sprayers: from Amazon.

Totes McGotes: A reusable tote bag is the gift that keeps on transporting goodies! And when you can shop small, do! This Etsy shop makes a great corduroy canvas bag.

The Last Straw: How about a reusable straw? Throw down holiday cocktail(s) with no guilt this season. Final makes our top pick.

Razor Expectations: Who doesn't love a dependable safety razor? (OK, love may be too strong a word.) What we do love it not using plastic disposable razors in 2021. There are many new options popping up, but Oui the People makes a solid option.

Literary the Best Gift:  An Audible subscription! We are as obsessed as you are with printed books - but a less wasteful option could be an audible subscription or kindle e-reader this year. Check out or grab a Kindle on Amazon.

A Fresh Idea: Plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars are all the rage. Well, they’re some of the rage. Not only do they last longer than their plastic counterparts, but they have much better formulas, too. or are sustainable options.

Give Them Space: Personal space is always nice, but we mean storage space. Try a laundry sorting bin or this foldable hanging rack. Not only will it maximize space, it can save electricity (and your clothes) over the long run.

Forgetting Someone? Truman’s towels and sponges make excellent gifts, duh!