Truman's Pod Challenge? No Thanks!

Maybe you’ve seen the ad for a well-known laundry product that’s designed to show the brand’s commitment to child safety: While a soothing voiceover explains that everyday items can become dangerous in an instant, a laundry-sorting mom is seen rushing to close a container of detergent pods just before her toddler grabs one. The ad is meant to reassure the public, but the takeaway could also be that using that product requires constant vigilance when kids are in the house. How many parents can say they’re never distracted? We sure can’t!

From dissolvable laundry pods shaped like gummies to colorful toilet-bowl tablets powerful enough to erode rubber, to harmless-looking scouring powders that can irritate the lungs, the cleaning product aisle is packed with toxic ingredients — for adults as well as children. That’s just one of many reasons we didn’t want to be part of that crowd!

Call us crazy, but at Truman’s we think you shouldn’t need a hazmat suit to clean the house, and we think everyday household products should be safe every day, for people of every age.

That’s why we built safety into our kid-friendly products from day one.

Truman’s products rely on ingredients found on the cleangredients list and take care of the “dirty work” themselves, mixing with water when inserted in the reusable spray bottle to create non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners that are safe for everyone. There’s never any hand mixing, pouring or measuring. And our patented refill cartridges have passed rigorous child-resistant certification testing; their rigid, durable plastic construction creates a friction seal that prevents contents from ever seeping out. It also eliminates the need for more plastic or other additives, like glue.  

As parents of young kids, we take the issue of child safety very seriously. At the same time, we want to help everyone kick the wasteful-cleaning-product habit. Hopefully by making products that are safe for all ages, we’ll encourage more kids to get into the act of cleaning early, and into the habit of conserving resources. After all, reducing the number of things we throw away makes the home we all share a cleaner place, and we think that’s a message even a 3-year-old can understand!

Want to talk about cleaning with kids, or cleaning, or just kids? We’re all ears -- or maybe eyes is more accurate. Anyway, we’re here!