Truman's Glass Cleaning Tips

“People who live in glass houses should never use anything but Truman’s glass cleaner.” - Proverb

Some streaks are great  like a winning streak or the streak of a shooting star. Some are questionable  like those made by, ahem, streakers. And some are very, very bad — streaks left by inferior glass cleaners.

Luckily, now there’s a superior, alcohol- and ammonia-free product that wipes out those bad streaks: Truman’s The Glass Is Always Cleaner. Whether you live in a glass house or a studio apartment with a single window, you’ll love how Truman’s leaves your view clear and streak-free. (And here’s hoping your neighbor’s not a streaker!)

To ensure you get the most from The Glass Is Always Cleaner, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for cleaning glass of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Give dust the brush-off: With a soft-bristled counter brush, dust away cobwebs and loose dirt on windows, inside and out. Don't forget hinges, sills and tracks.
  2. Take it from the top: For windows, start at the top and work your way slowly down, using a soft microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are inexpensive and can be washed hundreds of times. 
  3. Extra, extra: People used to swear by newspapers for cleaning windows. If you have some around the house, just crumple up a page and start wiping. (Wear rubber gloves if you don’t want newsprint on your hands.) Another microcloth alternative: coffee filters. What not to use: paper towels. 
  4. Got a full plate? On large, plate-glass windows, a squeegee works well. Wet it first, because a dry squeegee will miss spots. Start at an upper corner and use vertical strokes, wiping the rubber edge after each one. When inside, put a towel at the base of the window to catch any drips.
  5. Stick that advice where the sun don’t shine: Maybe you’ve heard you shouldn’t wash windows on a sunny day, because the sun causes the cleaner to dry fast, leaving streaks. Obviously, that was before Truman’s came along. With our streak-free formula, you don’t need to consult the weather report before washing windows. 
  6. Electronica: Use The Glass Is Always Cleaner on your cell phones, tablets, TVs and monitors. Remember to turn them off beforehand, and apply cleaner to cloth, not the screen itself. To prevent damage from static electricity, always use an anti-static microfiber cloth when wiping down your devices.