Truman’s Wrap-Session: Sustainable Gifting

This year, try gifting your friends AND your planet when you skip the single-use wrapping paper. Here are some easy alternatives to consider.

A Gift Wrapped in a Story: Recycled newspapers mean your gift also comes with reading material! Extra points if you use the comics section ;)

Fabulous Fabric: Find some old fabric (or even an old t-shirt could be cool!) and wrap it in a top-knot for a simple, sustainable wrap.

Chip Bags, but Inside-out: Metallic wrapping paper? Sign us up. This couldn’t be an easier DIY. Simply save the bag next time you finish your chips, turn it inside out, wash it off and you are set with bright, shiny wrapping paper! 

Maps? Don’t Know Him: It seems like maps are a thing of the past, almost a relic at this point. Put those maps you’ve been hoarding to good use this year for a really cool take on sustainable wrapping paper. Bonus if you use a map of where the recipient is from! 

Double Dutch: Gifting something kitchen or cooking related this year? Gift a big pot with it - simply toss the rest of the gift inside and you’re ready to go. 

Reusable Bags: Who among us hasn’t re-used a gift bag? Zero guilt with this one - simply remember to save all the gift bags you get and repurpose them the following year! Also, don’t be nervous to ask your friends and family if they’re going to throw out their gift bags -- snag ‘em and save ‘em.

Get Kraft-y: Use kraft paper or regular brown paper bags as your base for a super simple, clean holiday look! Want to get festive? Use an old eraser, carve it into a tree shape and you’ve got a stamp!

A Tisket a Tasket: Better use a basket! Opt for no wrapping paper or gift bags this year and find great, reusable bins/baskets/storage containers and neatly place all your gifts for the person in the container. Easy! Plus, minimal effort required. 

And to top it off: There are all sorts of eco-friendly gift-topping ideas that are not ribbons, bows or paper! Try using simple evergreen stems, or a couple of cinnamon sticks, or even dried orange slices. Get creative this year and you can still give great gifts without heading out to pick up more gift wrapping...again.