10 Terrific Tips for Keeping Your Floors Looking Great

Let’s face it: Most of the time, we’re not very nice to our floors. If we’re not tracking things across them or dropping things on them, we’re walking all over them or hiding them under a carpet. It seems the only time they get our undivided attention is when they’re not looking good.

At Truman’s, we want to change all that. Our Floors Truly cleaner is non-toxic, eco-friendly and works on virtually every type of floor, making them clean enough to eat off though we’d recommend plates (read what experts have to say about the 5-second rule) and so dazzling you’ll want to throw them a party!

Truman’s makes light work of your regular floor cleaning all you need is a bottle of Floors Truly and a microfiber (lint-free) towel or mop. But there are things you can do between cleanings to keep your floors looking their best. Check out these great hints and hacks we’ve put together:

  1. Sock it to ’em: Consider a no-shoe policy. If you really want to limit the dirt and bacteria that get tracked in, keep a designated place by the door for shoes and make everyone toe the line. Or, if this feels too extreme for your lifestyle, put down floor mats at every entrance and encourage people to wipe vigorously.
  2. Wax or no wax? Most hardwood floors today have a polyurethane finish. But if yours have an old-school wax finish, you’ll want to clean them with a dry mop or vacuum. Not sure what’s on the floors? Test for wax by rubbing an out-of-the-way spot with the edge of a coin.
  3. Do a clean sweep every day, especially in the kitchen. If you wet your dustpan first, the dust and dirt will be attracted to it like a magnet and stay inside until you wipe it into the trash.
  4. Suck it up: Vacuum with a vengeance on floors, rugs and runners. If your vacuum doesn’t have a good attachment for the tight corners and crevices, make one out of a cardboard tube, sliding one end onto your hose and folding the other to form a narrow opening. And if there are places you still can’t reach, put on a rubber glove to wipe dust and dirt away. (This also works great for removing pet hair from carpets.)
  5. Spot-on, spot off: Always spot-clean spills as quickly as possible to prevent more work later. This is one area where procrastination really works against you!
  6. Color inside the lines: After cleaning your hardwood floor, if any scratches stand out, try taking a crayon the color of the floor and rubbing it on the scratch to fill the gap. Then heat the area with a blow dryer and buff it with a soft cloth.
  7. Preserve and protect: On hardwood floors, always use pads under heavy furniture something as simple as cut-up pieces of cardboard work in a pinch. Apply stick-on felt pads to furniture that is moved often, like chairs.
  8. Every drop counts: Keep drip trays under house plants, and be careful not to let the water overflow.
  9. Tennis anyone? A cool way to remove shoe scuffs from the floor is by scrubbing with a tennis ball. The ball’s tight fibers easily rub away those ugly marks.
  10. Let’s get this shindig started: Many feet make light work when you turn floor cleaning into a sock hop. While you spray Truman’s, let your kids mop the floor in their sock feet while dancing to their favorite tunes or yours. Before long, you may be dancing, too. Truman’s just seems to have that effect on people!