Holiday Hygiene 101 - Decluttering Your Decor

Christmas only comes once per year (unless you live right on the border of a time zone, in which case you could probably score two Christmases if you hurry). That means you’re probably only cleaning your decorations on an annual basis, so make it count with these handy holiday tips: 

Party Tricks: Put a quarter cup of salt into a large brown paper bag, then put your holiday wreath into that bag before shaking. The salt will clean off all of the dust that got stuck to the foliage or pine cones. Score one for neat chemistry tricks.

Shine Bright: Combine The Glass Is Always Cleaner and a Truman’s towel to make your ornaments shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose.

Spiff Up Your Skirt: Remove any rogue sap stains by rubbing the sap with an ice cube and gently scraping off the residue. Then you’re ready to pre-treat any stains, and throw it in the washing machine with Get a Load of This.

Branch Out: Take a paintbrush or duster to your reusable tree (outside), then wipe it with your favorite spray cleaner (obviously Truman’s) and reusable towel!

Squeaky Clean Santa: Before you place your Santa figurines, Nutcrackers and Christmas Villages out, make sure to give them a good dusting and quick wipe down with Everything and the Kitchen Sink. Then, when you’re ready to put them up again, a quick dusting should do the trick. 

Twinkle, Twinkle: After checking the bulbs to make sure they're working, wipe each bulb and the cord with The Glass Is Always Cleaner for the brightest house on the block. (Unless, of course, you live next door to Clark Griswold.) 

Merry Mantle: Thoroughly wipe your garland with an old t-shirt to remove dust before cleaning it with The Glass Is Always Cleaner. 

Finally, remember to repurpose your old household items like egg cartons, leftover plastic cups, present boxes, emptied cardboard boxes and tissue paper to house your ornaments and holiday knick-knacks.