Halloween Hangover 

The jack-o'lanterns have dimmed. The candy bowl on the front porch lays bare. And the mess left behind from Halloween has you truly spooked. Fear not — Truman’s has the cure for that Halloween hangover. 

  • Oh my Gourd: Rather than tossing your saggy-featured jack-o'lantern in the trash (and ultimately into a landfill), compost or bury it in your own backyard. Thanks for the memories, Jack. 
  • Trick or Non-Treat: Most wrappers can’t be recycled, so consider handing out stamps, activity pads or anything without single-use plastics. (Cash works, too, if you’re feeling particularly generous.) 
  • Hair and Makeup: When Dracula’s foundation ends up all over your clothes, baking soda and hairspray work some not-so-black magic. 
  • Sugar Coma: Sometimes all the sweets don’t make it to your mouth. For chocolate stains, grab a little lemon juice or vinegar and allow it to break down the stain for a few minutes, then rinse it with water and use some diluted dish detergent to remove the remainder.