A Letter From Truman’s Founders

Thank you, Team Truman’s!! 

We founded Truman’s in 2018 with a mission of moving an industry in a more sustainable direction. From day one, our focus was to change cleaning. And now we’re proud to announce we’ve sold the world changing technology to a global company which can achieve that mission. 

This means the Truman’s technology you love will now be part of that company—think new categories, new countries and more distribution. The technology and formulas that you’ve come to love will be available globally under the brand of this new company. As a result of this, Truman’s-branded cleaning products will no longer be available. 

To all of you who helped make Truman’s a truly special company, please know how grateful and humbled we are. While we won’t be tackling the problems unique to cleaning, we plan to use the momentum and teachings from this experience to make an impact elsewhere. 

Stay clean, Team Truman’s!!

Jon and Alex 

Thanks for keeping your feedback clean(ish) over the years!